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Our Privacy Policy: This web site does not collect personal information beyond the contact information supplied by you when requesting a quote. We will never, EVER share this information with any other company, and will only use it in relation to performing hauling services, alerting you to discounts we may be offering or thanking you for your business. That's it. We value our customers & respect their privacy! Also, you should know that even though Nick is originally from England he has been a citizen of this country for decades--we truly are an all-American hauling service.

If You Need Hauling
Runs to the Dump

we can help you! We serve Walnut Creek, Danville, Concord, Benicia, Martinez, Vallejo, San Ramon, Lafayette, Pinole, Berkeley & Beyond

Just moved and have trash left behind? We'll come pick it up with very little notice--sometimes within the hour. We're always ready to help you!

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East Bay Hauling is one of the SF Bay Area's best options for hauling, junk removal, lift gate deliveries, dump runs, yard debris removal and small moves.

Buying furniture but don't have a truck? Need commercial equipment delivered? Want a pile of junk removed? We can help you!

Whether you're buying a heavy old vintage stove, moving to a new apartment or just want a garage full of debris cleared out, we can solve your problem quickly, cheaply and efficiently.

We stress clear communication each step of the way so you never have to worry about whether or not you've been understood.

Our lift gate allows us to move your belongings much more safely. Large, awkward items that would require two or three people to push up a ramp can frequently be done by just one worker using a lift gate. That saves you money.

And, because we are a small, local, family-owned business we're flexible enough to respond quickly--same day appointments are common. Why not email us for a quote today?
Please try the Amazing Hauling Guy--He's not a suerhero, but he'll do a super job for you!
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